Published Articles And Writings
Laurella Desborough's A Complete Guide to Eclectus Parrots
  Co-authors: Wayne Arthur and Fred Bauer


 Most of the articles written by Laurella have been on the subject of eclectus parrots or  about legislation or regulations on  aviculture. In the late eighties, Laurella and K. Wayne Arthur and Fred Bauer collaborated on a book about Eclectus: The Complete Guide To Eclectus Parrots, hardback published in 1987, with color photographs. This publication was followed by a paperback. Both books are now out of print but are often obtained through used book dealers or through e-bay selling their collection of bird books. Laurella is working on a new book.

COLUMN: Laurella write a legislative ISSUES  column for the quarterly AFA WATCHBIRD Journal. ( )


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Laurella is one of many International Journalist on Aviculture International News concerning legislation and Aviculture.
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