Interests: Technology, Business, News, Science, Medicine, Art, Conservation, Legislation-State & Federal & Local.
 Education: BA from SIU, MA from UCLA.
 Professional work: Teacher: High School and College.
 Professional Activities: Art work shown in galleries and museums in U.S.
Volunteer activities: Board Member and President or CEO on five boards over 20 years: AFA, ABC, MAP, Avian Research Fund, & Fountainhead Gardens Homeowners Assoc.  Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc.

Author: BBOnline monthly column, articles in Bird Talk, AFA Watchbird, Bird World, World of Parrots, ASA Journal, Avizandum, and Cage Bird Magazine.
 Co-Author: Guide to Eclectus Parrots.
Consultant and Lecturer. Twenty years of breeding exotic birds: amazons, greys, cockatoos, brownheaded parrots, hawkheads, mini-macaws. Specializing in Eclectus and Vasa parrots (coracopsis vasa). Also raised and raced pigeons.

COLUMNS: Laurella wrote the legislative column for the quarterly   WATCHBIRD Journal.   
Laurella is past Legislative Vice-President for the American Federation of Aviculture.

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